Media Relations 

At NorthPR, we are specialists at pitching your story in the right way to get the attention of busy editors, reporters and producers. Whether you’re looking for a feature story in The Globe and Mail, want to appear on a national morning show or be a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, let us help you get noticed by the media!

We have relationships with major media players across Canada and are proud of the reputation we keep in understanding what it takes to pitch a newsworthy story. As Katherine Scarrow, Small Business Editor for Globe and Mail says "Linda understands how to pitch newsworthy stories to the media … she’s tactful and considerate in her approach and ensures the news she pitches is relevant to my readers. This is why I trust and rely on her as a PR contact.

For a taste of what we can do for you, please check out our media coverage page. 

Influencer Relations

In today’s world where social media gives a voice to everyone, companies need to be on top of what people are saying about their industry and respond in a thoughtful way. Influencer Relations looks at people in the space who have an active voice in trends and stories that matter to your company.

Whether it’s providing them with a product to try free of charge so they talk about it online or engage with them to share new information about your company prior to official public announcement, Influencer Relations allows you to create an inner circle of fans who will promote your products and services for you. It gives you credibility and gets people talking about you. 

Social Media Strategy

Listening, monitoring and engaging in conversations online - whether Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or forums - in a necessity for many companies today. If a company is on social media or not, it’s likely people are still talking about you or talking about important industry trends. Social media gives companies a voice and two-way dialogue where it wasn’t possible before.

NorthPR works closely with your company to develop a strategic plan of action - whether you’ve been on social media for a while but need to reboot to refocus or if you’re looking at finally taking that step online - we can help you do it right, do it well, and get you engaging in conversations that you never thought were possible!

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Community Management

Once a plan of action is determined for social media, NorthPR will manage your social media channels in a way that works. We don’t simply automate content and think that’s going to make a difference. We are passionate about creating engagement and driving awareness.

There are many tricks of the trade - the right way to engage with people, crafting a shareable Tweet, responding quickly and appropriately to negative comments - we are big believers in authenticity. At NorthPR we are specialists at crafting messages that builds your reputation and your customer base. 

Content Creation

We’ve all heard content is king. And today it’s more important than ever. Why? Because it gets people to your website (SEO), it increases lead generation and it engages your customers in a thoughtful way. At NorthPR, we are storytellers and we love telling company stories through thought leadership pieces, blog posts, case studies, press releases, social media editorial calendars and so on. We can create a content strategy that works for you and we can also take care of the grunt work that comes with executing a good content strategy that links back to your marketing objectives.