Here I go...

Today marks the day where I'm following my true dream and becoming an entrepreneur.

I've worked with many entrepreneurs in the past couple of years and watched them strive for their personal ambitions. Successful entrepreneurs have a particular personality - nothing stops them from believing in their dream and when things aren't working out quite as planned, they are eager to learn, make smart strategic changes, and keep going forward. I admire their tenacity.

Now it's my turn. I've loved my career in public relations since I got over the one year mark. It's true, I hated PR when I first started because I felt like a 'glorified telemarketer.' In many big agencies, interns are responsible for calling every single reporter on a media list and pitching a story that doesn't always make sense for their beat. I learned early in my career that you need to treat pitching media like you would a normal relationship - talk to them about something they care about. And since I started doing this, I began building positive media relationships, secured media hits, and had happy clients! 

My vision for NorthPR is to build a communications company that is distinctly unique. I'll be transparent in everything I do, I'll be honest if I think I missed the boat, and I'll make sure my clients are always treated fairly and with respect. 

I'm so excited to start living my dream and work on truly outstanding projects.




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