Media Relations

It’s about knowing what story to tell, when to tell it, and who to tell it to. We’re involved every step of the way, from idea creation to media outreach, competitor analysis, and coverage tracking. If your brand has a story worth telling, we’ll make sure it gets told the right way. 

Profile Building

With NorthPR, you do what you’re best at and we’ll handle the media training, speaking engagements, podcast interviews, and article bylines. You’re already an expert — it’s time you got the credit for it.

Influencer Relations

Sometimes brands need an outside voice to help tell their story. We have relationships with authentic influencers from all types of industries. A strategic partnership might be just the thing your brand needs to get to the next level.

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Press Releases

Yes, press releases still have a place in today’s media landscape. We’ll let you know if you need one — and if you do, we’ll handle the production, distribution, and tracking. 

Writing and Editing

We’re obsessed with great communications. There’s no better way to separate yourself from the crowd than with a compelling headline, pitch, or story. That’s why NorthPR takes on writing and editing duties, in addition to media pitching and story placement. 

Social Media

Where should you be? What should you share? Why are you even using social media in the first place? We’ll help you sort out these questions in a clear and honest way. We’ll also handle the nitty-gritty stuff like audience building, paid digital, and analytics.