Never Stop Learning ... Heading Back to School!

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I'm a true believer that you should never stop learning. As much as I *try* to read my daily dose of Fast Company, Entrepreneur and all the latest tips and tricks for small businesses on my Twitter feed every morning ... sometimes my client work gets in the way. 

So what better way to make sure I continue to learn as I grow my company, and help other small businesses do the same, then to go back to school (after client work hours ... if that's even a thing!). Starting tonight, I will begin one of the latest courses offered by University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies in collaboration with MaRS Discover District - Certificate of Entrepreneurship.

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

The goal of NorthPR is to help fellow entrepreneurs and startups tell their unique stories to get noticed. I truly believe to be the best practitioner possible, you have to live and breathe the products, services and people you're working with. Taking this course through U of T School of Continuing Studies at MaRS, a highly reputable organization that helps entrepreneurs launch and grow innovative companies, will give me a deeper understanding of the business of entrepreneurship. I won't only apply what I learn to my own business, but I'll take the insights to be an even better consultant to my clients.

I've been very fortunate to be offered this course as a brand ambassador by U of T School of Continuing Studies (smart PR move!). Over the course of the next six weeks, I will share what I've learned, tips and tricks for startups (beyond PR and digital communications), insights into the state of entrepreneurship in Canada and hopefully introduce you to some interesting and unique up-and-coming Canadian companies. 

If you want to engage in the journey with me, follow #StartupEdu on Twitter. I also recommend following @EntrepreneurSCS and the instructor @KeriDamen

Stay tuned. The school bell rings at 6 p.m. sharp!


This is a sponsored post on behalf of University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies Certificate in Entrepreneurship program; however, the opinions provided are my own.

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