Announcement of a Royal Baby and Brands Go Wild!

In proper 'real-time marketing' form, brands everywhere jumped on the #RoyalBaby news bandwagon yesterday.

Every morning before I get out of bed, I check Twitter (despite the fact that work-life balance blogs tell me not to do this!). That's when I found out there was going to be another royal baby! How thrilling. 

And with such big news comes the rush from brands to capitalize on the trending topic.

Nissan was the first to tweet news about the baby announcement a remarkable seven minutes after the official announcement. They used an existing ad and added some cute little copy and crown pics to go with it.

And Mini UK got involved for a little teaser campaign.

Then there was Tresemme's tweet . . .

And Aldi's very over-the-top self-promoting tweet.

And so I must say, that I agree 100% with Emma gannon smart advice to brands. 

Because otherwise brands will just really annoy people, and with the Twitter Mute feature, brands should not try to get muted by their followers. 

I checked out what the real-time marketing Gods over at Oreo did for the announcement (remember their popular Super Bowl tweet?) because this is the great little tweet they sent out with the first baby announcement:

But there was nothing! 

So what do you think? Should brands even try to participate or are the majority of them just making themselves look too self promoting?

For some great commentary about brands on #RoyalBaby, check out @MattNavarraUK's feed from yesterday. I enjoyed his responses to many of the brands jumping on the bandwagon!

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